Since 2001, TuftScope: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Health, Ethics, & Policy has provided an academic forum for discussion of pertinent healthcare and biosocial issues in today's world. The journal addresses different aspects of healthcare, bioethics, public health, policy, and active citizenship. It is operated and edited by undergraduate students of Tufts University and is advised by an Editorial Board composed of Tufts undergraduates and faculty. Today the journal is one of the few peer-reviewed, undergraduate-published journals in the country. New issues are released biannually in print and online versions. 

Editorial Board '18-'19

Editor-in-Chief Tira Oskoui, ‘19

Managing Editor Jamie Tebeau, ‘20

Event Directors Akari Miki, ‘19 and Nikita Chaubal, ‘20

Senior Financial Officer Ursula Biba, '19

Junior Financial Officer Alexander Pan, ‘20

Acquisitions Editor Annie Phan, ‘20

News and Analysis Editor Ted Midthun, '19

Research Highlights Editor Kurtis Chien-Young, '20

New Media Editor Leili Najmabadi, '20 and Alyssa Quinlan, ‘22

Manuscript & Layout Editor Caroline Smith, ‘20 and Janie Ingrassia, ‘21

Lead Copy Editor Helen Mizrach, ‘19

Copy Editors Emily Chu, ‘20, Gary Zhang, ‘20, Grace Perry, ‘19, Akash Pillai, ‘20, Sanjana Puri, ‘22, and Leanne Loo, ‘22

Faculty Advisors Harry Bernheim, PhD; Alexander Queen, PhD