Compulsive Texting Takes a Toll on Teenagers

News Brief by Julia Zubiago

            A recent study led by Kelly Lister-Landman found anegative correlation between excessive social media use and grades.  In this study, compulsive texting was indicated by inability to stop checking one’s phone, agitation when texting is interrupted, losing sleep because of texting, and lying about the amount of time one spends texting. While the girls in the study reported higher grades and greater engagement in school overall, 14% of female compulsive texters were C students, while 4% of females who texted a normal amount were C students. Male compulsive texters reported that they were B students or better. Regardless of gender, this correlation between grades and texting shows there may be a relationship. Texting too much may cause poorer grades (because students are not spending an adequate amount of time on schoolwork), poor grades may cause an increase in texting (students may reach out to friends for support), or a third variable such as depression, anxiety, or substance abuse may drive both poor grades and compulsive texting.


Rabi, Ronin Caryl. “Compulsive Texting Takes a Toll On Teenagers” The New York Times. Oct. 12, 2015.