Birth Control Breakthrough

By Meghan Mulvey

Although women have a wide variety of birth control options, men are left with relatively few for themselves. However, a recent study published in the Endocrine Society’s Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism showed that injections may provide men another option for birth control. In this study, men were given two shots to reduce sperm count every eight weeks, and then the men gave semen samples for analysis. One of the shots given contained a long-acting progesterone, and the other consisted of a long-acting androgen. After the sperm counts were lowered to a certain amount, the men in the study were instructed to use the injections for birth control with their partners. The study showed that the injections were 96% effective, and 75% of participants would be willing to use the injections as a birth control method again. However, there were some side effects that made the injections problematic for some men, including acne, pain at the injection site, muscle pain, and increased sex drive. Moreover, additional research needs to be done to examine the long term effects of these hormonal injections before they can be used. Despite the further research necessary, injections could provide men with a much needed additional birth control option to control their own fertility.


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