Navigation Support - Interview with Lena Chang

By Rebecca Moragne, Research-Highlights Editor


Lena Chang is pursuing a BS in Engineering Psychology at Tufts University School of Engineering. She plans to graduate in 2019.


Can you tell me a little bit about the research you are doing in the Tufts Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences (CABCS)?

“I'm studying how navigation support systems may impact a user's perception and action when comparing augmented reality displays to the real world. The purpose of these studies is to optimize navigation support systems for soldiers, but the findings may also be applied to a day-to-day basis for an average civilian.”


Why did you want to get involved in this research?

“I wanted to try something new, so I started researching last semester. Research is a great opportunity to gain new experiences, and so far I really like the work! I am a Human Factors Engineer, so the field of human-system interaction research parallels my studies and makes it that much more applicable.”


Do you see yourself pursuing research after graduation? If not, what do you see yourself doing after graduation?

“As of now, I can see myself researching after college! But to be completely honest, I'm pretty open minded about the after college situation, so I want to try new things now and see where that takes me.”


For further contact, Lena can be reached at

Moragne, R. Interview with Lena Chang. February 1, 2017. Tufts University, Medford, MA.