Margot Day is a Biopsychology major at the Tufts School of Arts and Sciences. She works under Dr. Michael Levin at the Levin Lab on 200 Boston Avenue.

Hello Margot, could you tell me a bit about yourself? What are you majoring in? What are your interests?

I’m majoring in Biopsychology and I love martial arts! I also enjoy skiing, sailing, SCUBA diving, and photography.


How did you get involved with research?

Since I am Biopsych, I wanted to experience research in both biology and psychology while at Tufts. My freshman year I started working in Dr. Remedios’ Social Identity and Stigma lab because I was really interested in social psychology. Also began emailing Dr. Levin, who had given a guest lecture in one of my classes and whose work I was absolutely fascinated by. After about a year of emailing, a spot finally opened up for an undergraduate research assistant in Dr. Levin’s lab, which was perfect timing because I was able to do two years of psychology research and then two years of biology research!


What kind of research are you doing in the Levin lab now?

Dr. Levin’s work mostly focuses the bioelectric pathways involved in non-neural cell cognition, especially the communication and memory required for the process of regeneration. I work with Planaria, specifically by chemically disrupting their cellular networks and observing how that changes their regeneration. My project this semester was to make double-headed worms and observe the system-wide changes that occurred as the secondary head matured.


Do you think that you’ll continue research after graduation? What’s your plan for the long-term?

I’m not sure if I’ll continue! I’m really enjoying this research and I am planning to take a gap year before medical school, so it’s definitely a possibility!