Anxiety can Positively or Negatively Color Memory

By Ursula Biba

At the University of Waterloo, 80 undergraduate students participated in a study to elucidate the effects of different levels of anxiety on memory recall. Groups were exposed to high and low anxiety-inducing conditions in deep and shallow encoding construction groups, respectively. Findings showed that anxiety can help individuals recall details of an experience—but only to a certain extent. Heightened levels of anxiety can morph into feelings of fear and increased emotional sensitivity, allowing emotions to negatively color neutral memories. This, in turn, can also lead to a negative mindset, bias, and altered perception. Scientists of the study, Christopher Lee and Myra Fernandez, state that findings are applicable to both educators and the general public: educators should be cognizant of how the mood of their lectures influence retention while the public should be aware of their own biases and their effects on perception.


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