The Beneficial Effects of Regular Exercise within Pregnant Mice

By Alec Tyminski

Jun Seok Son , a doctoral student at at the Washington State University, recently published results which display the great beneficial effects of regular exercise in pregnant individuals. The study examined both the offspring of mice that performed 60 minutes of moderate intensity exercise every morning during pregnancy, and offspring born to mice that did not exercise. The studies which preceded this only applied to exercise within obese female mice.  By applying many of the same techniques used previously, the study held that regular exercise in non-obese females demonstrated the same beneficial effect. Son specifically sites to “exercise regularly during pregnancy because it benefits their children's metabolic health." This assertion stems from the specific finding that within the exercise group, the brown adipose tissue examined was found to have higher thermogenic function, or better efficiency. This increased efficiency has been shown to prevent obesity and metabolic problems. Although further studies are sure to follow, these results are proper evidence that regular exercise during pregnancy benefits offspring.

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