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Current Submissions Cycle

The submissions date for our Spring 2019 issue has passed.
New submissions will be considered into early-October for our Fall 2019 issue.


Article Format

All submissions should be sent as a .docx attachment to, and we will follow up during the review period. Please contact us for further details on our upcoming issue.

Citations: in-text numerical superscripts with endnotes (not footnotes) are our preferred citation format.  Any formal academic style for the references section is acceptable (APA preferred).

Images: Images must be labeled for reuse/ creative commons images for us to publish them.  Original photos and charts are acceptable.  Please include the source for images you provide.


Types of articles we TYpically accept

Insights Article
A 1500 word analysis article every semester on a special topic of interest. Follow the style of our previous Insights articles and refer to the BMJ Analysis articles:

Opposing Viewpoints
Several members of the TuftScope Editorial Staff are tasked with Opposing Viewpoints for the semester. There should be two viewpoints between 800 and 1000 words in length with at least six references each. References will only be available online. The style is as BMJ Head to Head.

Opinion pieces and Essays from health-oriented organizations and individuals are potentially printed when available and relevant to the journal.

Outside solicited pieces or longer editor generated academic issue pieces.

Original Articles [Regular, Healthcare Review, Historical Perspective]
Outside solicited pieces or longer editor generated academic research articles. Special articles may be classified as Healthcare Reviews or Historical Perspectives (reviewing a major healthcare area or providing historical background).

Science Report
Science Reports address health, ethics, and policy from a scientific perspective. Science Reports should not exceed 3000 words and should describe the scientific implications and basis for new or future technologies, review or address the latest research in fields. We do not publish original laboratory research.

Book Review
Between 750 – 1000 words in length and provide all relevant information about the book under review including author, publisher, etc. Titles cover a broad range of areas from science to policy.